5 Vine Video Marketing Ideas That Will Promote Your Business

5 Vine Video Ideas to Promote Your Business and Leave Your Followers Wanting More

Move over, Facebook. When it comes to addicting free apps, Vine, the Twitter of video (no literally, it’s a video app that was acquired by Twitter) is the new heavyweight champion. The free video recording and sharing mobile app has quickly become all the rage, knocking Facebook off its number one spot to become the most downloaded app in the Apple Store a mere four months after launch. Industry giants like GE and Sony immediately took to the app like birds to flight, creating 6-second works of art to promote their businesses and amass more followers.

It is a fantastic outlet for those with creativity coursing through their veins, but someone less artistically inclined may be stumped on how to make a six-second video to promote your business. To get you started, here are five creative video ideas for you to try out:

1. Create a Mini Drama

You can create a Vine mini-series by making each 6-second clip an episode in your micro-drama. The first episode can present a person with a problem, and subsequent episodes follow her as she tries to remedy the problem with ineffective solutions, until she finally solves the problem with your product or service. Other bite-sized mini-series can include a love story between office supplies or antics around the office.

To get the creative juices flowing, watch King of Vine Adam Goldberg’s little “horror” movies.

2. Use Stop Motion Animation

These little animations are a bit more time-consuming to concoct, but they’re very, very popular on Vine and always a good go-to video marketing strategy. You’d be surprised how hypnotic a logo made of Sweet Tarts materializing in six seconds can be.

Dozens of Viners specializing in stop-motion exist to draw inspiration from, and one notable person to follow is Pinot:

3. Parody popular movies, shows, songs, or YouTube videos

You could do something as simple as parodying the classic “Dramatic Chipmunk” with your logo appearing at the end, or you could go as far as imitating the famous Office Space printer smash scene. “We got online fax – we don’t need our fax machine anymore.” Cut to you and your coworkers circling your fax machine with bats in a field with Geto Boys’ “Still” blaring.

4. Hold a Vine marketing video contest

Don’t have the time to make a bunch of Vines? Why not have your fans, followers, and customers make some for you? Holding a Vine video contest is a great way to get some love on Vine and promote your business. Plus you can make a simple Vine announcing the contest to get your Vine account started.

5. If all else fails, include a cat in your video (or something else furry and cute)

The Internet loves cats, and if VineCats.com has proved anything, it’s that Vine also loves cats. Something as simple as a cat in a tie nuzzling your logo can attract a sizeable viewing audience, as these Vines show.

A few more Vine tips

Imgur vine videoreddit vine videogifvine vine videophotojojo vine video

Don’t forget that you can also make your Vine marketing videos into GIFs so you can share it with other online mediums like Imgur or Reddit (especially if your Vine was inspired by the last video idea – Imgur and Reddit loves them some cats). Visiting GIFVine is a simple way to GIF your Vines.

For tips on the finer points of the mechanics behind shooting Vine videos, check out Photojojo’s guide. Happy Vining!

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