Leader in Home Medical Equipment Selects EasyLink Services for Production Fax Solution

EasyLink announced that a national leader in home medical respiratory equipment, services, and medication, has chosen Easylink as their online fax provider for an initial three-year term. The Company processes thousands of faxed medical order forms on a daily basis.

Due to a forced infrastructure change, the Company chose EasyLink based on their restricted time frame to find a solution along with the reputation that Easy Link carries for providing highly reliable outsourced fax services.

EasyLink was able to develop, test, and implement an interface for the Company’s CRM system in less time than they were given to complete this project without having to re-architect the Company’s CRM interface while also maintaining full service continuity by transferring fax numbers to the EasyLink network seamlessly.

“We are pleased to have another significant medical services company select EasyLink to assume the management of their high volume fax operations,” said Kevin Maloney, Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing of EasyLink Services. “EasyLink’s SaaS approach to fax will provide ongoing cost efficiencies, scalability, security, and control that will continually meet the company’s evolving business needs.”

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