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Virtual Office Plan now includes 2 phone numbers


I have always been impressed with’s virtual pbx service.  We first reviewed the company’s service over 4 years ago, and it has always been one of the highest quality, best priced, most feature rich services available.  It now appears that they have updated their pricing, and, at first glance, it looks even more appealing.

I was doing some research for an article about virtual pbx services that include internet fax, and I noticed that’s offering has become even more appealing for people who want to get one service for phone and fax.  In my opinion, it’s now a total no-brainer to get instead of a standalone fax service, if you have a business, don’t have another phone system already, and don’t need high volume faxing.’s Virtual Office plan is $9.99/ month (this is a promotional price that you can get if you go through the link on this page, otherwise, it’s $14.99), and it now includes two local or toll-free numbers with the plan.  The way I look at it, I would use one of those numbers as a fax number and one for my business’s phone number.  At $10/ month, it’s only $2/ month more than the least expensive standalone fax services. also gives you free access to a conference bridge that can handle up to 500 seats, which is ridiculous.  Most other virtual pbx services technically offer conference calling, but people can’t dial in to a conference number- you have to add them manually (just like adding a person to a three-way call). gives you an actual conference bridge.

In my opinion, this is an extremely good value that any person running a business using their cell phones ought to consider for an inexpensive, but major upgrade.

Our review on needs an update, which will happen soon, but I wanted to go ahead and get the word out about the plan update.

If you have any personal experience with, please let me know in the comments.



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