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It’s no secret that infographics have rapidly ascended to marketing gold in the past few years – according to StudioOne, search volume for “infographic” has skyrocketed over 800% in just two years. Though still relatively new, there are numerous sites designed to help people create infographics and even more sites, called infographic directories, devoted to sharing infographics online. Posting infographics to directories boosts their visibility and thus can increase traffic to your website, but the real value of infographic directories lies in the embed code. Nearly every infographic directory includes an embed code so others can post your infographic directly onto their site or blog, increasing your brand’s visibility (assuming that you’ve branded your infographic, which you absolutely should do).

While searching for places to share my own infographic, From Smoke Signals to the Cloud, I found dozens of directories only be to be frustrated upon discovering that many of them charge to post or take several months to put the infographics on their directory. While these sites still hold value, knowing which directories were free and quick to post would have saved valuable time. So in order to help you save time and money sharing your infographic, I scoured the web for infographic directories and have listed them below. These infographic directories will not only post your infographic for free, but they will do it within a few hours of your submission.

infographicsInfographic File allows people to “up-vote,” comment on, and share your infographic. It also keeps track of the number of views your infographic has, giving you an idea of how successful your sharing-campaign is.

infographicsVisual.ly has the largest collection of infographics on the web (according to their site) and allows viewers to “up-vote,” comment on, and share infographics. Like Infographic File, Visual.ly displays the number of page views infographics have.

infographicsIn addition to allowing comments and sharing, Infographix Directory will also share your infographic with PaperBlog.com.

infographicsReddit’s Infographics subreddit allows people to “up-vote,” share, and comment on your infographic.


When sharing your infographic, don’t forget about your social networks. These can be equally, if not more powerful sharing tools than directories, and best of all, they’re always completely free. Additionally, I’m certain there are more “Fast and Free” infographic directories that can be added. Post your suggestion in the comments and I’ll be happy to add it to the list after reviewing it. Happy sharing!

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