Timeline Infographic – Business Telecommunication History

A Walk Through Business Telecommunication History

Here is a great infographic from our friends over at FaxCompare.com to commemorate the explosion of new technologies in the business telecom world. More specifically the innovation to the business fax world. At CWHighlights we get a lot of questions about office equipment and business technology, most of them looking for more efficient ways to communicate with their customers or potential customers. Just check out some of these posts on:

While blog posts and in-depth case studies can be helpful to the common business owner, most entrepreneurs do not have time for this kind of reading everyday. We wanted to provide these business executives with a different kind of visual, an infographic, one that touches on the most significant details of their quandary.

From Smoke Signals to the Cloud

Lately there have been many questions about the industries that still rely on fax and the new developments within the fax industry. Surprisingly, the fax industry is expected to grow over by over $1,035 billion within the next four years.  (News Article on the Growing Confusion Over New Faxing Technologies) Yet, most fax users are still using the antiquated faxing technologies. In efforts to commemorate how far this industry has come to the latest and greatest innovations for fax, FaxCompare.com has created an infographic highlighting these big events.

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This infographic can also be a great visual for teachers looking to education their students on the evolution of our communication system.

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Business Telecommunication Timeline of Faxing


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